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R 45


1. For external use only. Avoid using it on wounds or sensitive skin. If you have any discomfort, please stop using it and do not place it out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant or patient, please do not use.

2. Store in a cool and dry place

3. For those with sensitive skin, do a partial skin sensitivity test before use. After the test, there is no irritation before use.

4. Use this product up to 5 times in a 30-day cycle, 1-3 times a month for those who are not severely keratinized


. After cleaning and drying your feet, take out the foot cover along the dotted line along the packing box and the small cut.
2. Put on the foot mask and massage on your feet to ensure that the cream is evenly applied to your feet. Seal the foot mask with tape/seal and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.
3. Remove the foot mask and throw it away after 30-45 minutes, massage the feet thoroughly, and then wash.

4. After 5 to 7 days of use, the feet begin to peel, depending on the state and thickness of the keratin. Harder skin will usually fall off more slowly. If the skin is harder, it is recommended to use it again after 7 days to achieve better results.

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