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R 275

ultrasonic aromatherapy machine

Four-in-one Ultrasonic Ion Aroma Diffuser
This product has a novel design that combines oriental aromatherapy culture with modern technology. It uses the principle of ultrasonic over-frequency vibration to atomize water and plant aromatherapy essential oils into 5μm ultrafine particles, and at the same time produces a large number of negative ions that are more easily inhaled , To give full play to the natural aromatherapy effects of essential oils, help you relax in the stressful work and life, achieve health and tranquility, beautify the skin and moisturize.
Reminder: The bedroom is more effective, and when used in combination with calming and soothing essential oils, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep.

Power: about 14W
Voltage: input AC100-240V output DC24V 0.65A
adapter cable: about 1.5M long
water capacity: 500ML
single bare metal weight: 0.53KG
bare metal size: 17CM X 17CM X 12.8CM
with packaging weight: 0.6KG
packaging size: 17.5CM X 17.5 X 14CM
Material: PP

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